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Mercedes C63 AMG, kit de preparación por MKB

2 Publicado por Rubén el 10 de junio de 2008

Mercedes C63 AMG MKB

El Mercedes C63 AMG ya es suficientemente espectacular por sí mismo como para tener que recurrir a kits de personalización que ofrecen una más que dudosa mejora estética. Pero como sobre gustos no hay nada escrito… aquí está MKB para dar ese toque diferente a la berlina superdeportiva de Mercedes.

A lo que sin duda nadie se opondrá es al aumento de potencia que incluye esta preparación, alcanzando ahora los 521 cv y 645 Nm de par máximo. Con semejante potencial sobre las ruedas traseras sus prestaciones sonrojan hasta al superdeportivo más pintado. El C63 AMG MKB acelera de 0 a 100 km/h en 4,2 segundos y su velocidad máxima se ha deslimitado, propulsándose hasta los 295 km/h.

El coste de tan magna preparación, aunque solo sea por contar con esos cuantos caballos extra de más, es de 5.000 euros. Una cifra más que razonable, más aún teniendo en cuenta que la preparación incluye dos años de garantía.

Mercedes C63 AMG MKB

A continuación tienes la nota de prensa completa publicada por MKB.

Mercedes C 63 AMG and CLK 63 AMG – MKB reveals full performance potentials

Those who search for more driving pleasure from their C or CLK 63 can not ignore the performance upgrades of MKB: In addition to the high end version with up to 567 HP and 673 Nm of torque; MKB offers a package with 521 HP und 645 Nm of torque as a start. The most interesting aspect about that isn’t just the promising power increase but the reasonable pricing of the conversion.

At MKB, our technical staff’s standard approach is to improve performance. Now even the first performance package is a MKB solution without any compromise. Complete modified engine control software is flashed into the standard ecu-unit by MKB. The optimized ignition and injection mapping of MKB pushes the C- and CLK-class AMG models already over 500 HP.

At the same time the standard speed limiter of 250 km/h will be eliminated. The C 63 can sprint up to 295 km/h and the CLK up to 320 km/h. This requires the use of tires which are capable of these speeds. In acceleration duels against the AMG models the MKB versions come out on top: The MKB 63/8 conversion pulls the middle class sedan with a remarkable time gap from standing start to 100 km/h: 4.2 s. These 0 to 100 km/h numbers are an outstanding mark and are lower then many super cars and the CLK with the MKB 63/8 with a sprint time of 4.4 s is not much slower.

Apart from the maximum performance data the MKB 63/8 can succeed with its perfect drivability. The power increase is available over the whole rpm-range and is easy to use. It is out of question that the durability is endangered by the conversion. Every single customer’s car is treated with special MKB know-how: every C-class or CLK class will get its own individual engine control software adjusted by MKB technicians. Therefore MKB offers a two year warranty on the whole drive train and TÜV-regulation in Germany. The consumption is reasonable in the face of the performance and still the engine’s emissions are below the environmental regulations given by any government.

But for car enthusiasts who are really into high performance, MKB offers the full power performance package. This consists of another special electronic mapping and a special exhaust system which lifts the power up to 567 HP and 673 Nm of torque. This MKB 63/8 package is available for all the AMG cars with the 6.2 l V8 engine. For the top selling types, C, CLK, E, CLS, S, SL and CL MKB can offer a MKB limited slip differential and adjusted brake and suspension systems that round off the conversions for the most demanding customers.

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i have a 2009 c63 amg with the peformance package.i would like to get my car to the high end version of 567 hp

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Buenas k vale paragolpe delantero y trasero para clase c de mas gordo k ay com abt

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